Baptism in the Church of Christ in Apodi

As scheduled, happened this morning of July 7, 2012, plus a baptism ceremony held by the Church of Christ in Apodi. The ceremony took place on the property cited Dr. Junior in the community of Corner Rods here in the city of Apodi, an excellent place for this type of work that our church hosted twice a year. On Saturday the waters went down 37 people from some congregations and church center. The photos show the brilliance that had the ceremony, joy, fervor, many praises, many prayers, and confraternity. Despite the veiled attempt to stop the spread of the Gospel and the Church of Christ in Apodi, but the Church works and baptizes every year dozens of people who give their lives Christ. We appeal to people of the wrong spirit to leave the Church in peace, if not destroy, become convinced of the error and correct themselves, repent, and instead of chase, start to support and cooperate so that the Kingdom of God has a remarkable progress which the Church of Christ is working, evangelizing, building, winning souls, guiding men and women in the way of life. Stop to reflect, pause to take way back to first love, you can not destroy the Church of the Lord. We thank the staff here, congregations, the people who attended, Dr. Junior and his wife watched us during the course of the ceremony of baptism is not leaving anything missing, God bless those who are on our side helping us to build the great God's plan to expand the Kingdom in the land of Apodi. The baptism was the officiating Bishop Tarcisio Barros Antonio. God be praised. Let it go, if God is for us, who can be against us
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